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Glagol is a lightweight seatpost that performs on any road bike, CX, XC, gravel, etc. Suitable for saddles without cutout.

Material: mix of different carbon and Gr5 titanium hardware
Weight: 135 grams for 400 mm Glagol with 0 setback
Max load: 300 kg
Max rider's weight: 120 kg. You can secure a saddlebag under 10 kg.
Max tightening torque: 5 N*m

Glagol design allows for tightening clamp screws properly. Allen key (especially with a ball head) easily reaches them. A wide clamp area reduces saddle rail stress and provides steady saddle fastening.
We produce Glagol with and without setbacks using the same design.

Bjorn Glagol Seatpost (31.6/350 mm) Matt

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