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Skoba is a lightweight bottle cage that securely holds your bottle and looks nice.

Designing Skoba, we achieved its best performance. You can rely on it, not losing your beverage whatever shaky ride you have. Skoba can be used for road, CX, gravel, or XC riding.

Material: We use a mix of T700 UD and T300 3K carbon fiber prepregs that gives the structural rigidity. Not covered with a clear coat and properly polished.

Weight: 20 grams. SKOBA is not the lightest one, but we are sure it has the best stiffness/weight ratio on the market.

We tested SKOBA with all popular cycling bottles. It fits most standard & oversized bike water bottles.

Note: The bicycle frame requires threaded holes for the installation of cages. Screws are not included.

Bjorn Skoba Bottle Cage

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