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For the extra kilometers - the Continental Grand Prix 5000 AllSeason TR

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 AllSeason TR creates confidence in all weather conditions and convinces with a high puncture protection.


Features of the Continental Grand Prix 5000 AllSeason TR

  • Vectran Breaker for effective protection against cuts
  • BlackChili rubber compound for maximum performance
  • Laser cut micro tread pattern for increased cornering grip
  • Active Comfort technology for superior ride feel
  • Tubeless Ready / Hookless compatible



Details of the Continental Grand Prix 5000 AllSeason TR

BlackChili Compound

With Continental's unique German-made rubber compound, they have revolutionized the cycling scene. Regular test wins prove the rider benefits felt in the lab and on the road. Latest polymers and specially developed particles & fillers guarantee a unique performance.


Vectran Breaker

Vectran is spun from the liquid crystal polymer Vectra. This creates a thermoplastic, multi-fiber yarn. This fabric is more cut resistant than aramid and has five times the tensile strength of steel. A Vectran breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects against cuts more effectively than comparable nylon breakers. Rolling resistance is not negatively affected.


Active Comfort Technology

The revolutionary approach in road cycling. Integrated into the tire construction, Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and provides a superior riding experience.



The lasered micro-tread structure focuses on the shoulder area of the tire, giving you increased cornering grip.

Continental Tires GP 5000AS TR Black

Rp1.300.000,00 Regular Price
Rp1.170.000,00Sale Price


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