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Drawing upon their experience from years of Grand Tour wins, Pinarello has amalgamated state-of-the-art design with refined materials to create the stunning Dogma F Disc Brake Frameset. The Dogma F seamlessly knits handling, composure, responsiveness and aerodynamics, with these traits combining to realise a performance that delivers up the hardest climbs, down technical descents, in fast solo breaks and during rapid sprints for the line.

Utilising the finest TorayCa T1100 1K carbon with Nanoalloy Technology, the frame is 9% lighter and 12% stiffer than the previous Dogma, the F12, promising reactivity in abundance. The partnering Onda fork also shaves weight while remaining incredibly strong. This fork features Pinarello’s signature silhouette to heighten steering precision, improve stability and increase vibration damping, and has a specific design tailored to the stresses and loads of disc braking.

Along with its impressive stiffness to weight ratio, the Dogma F frame additionally lowers drag over the previous model. Using extensive CFD research, its new Flatback tube profiles use aggressively truncated trailing edges to scythe through the air and remain stable in gusting crosswinds. The Onda fork also uses Flatback shaping and enlists innovative tabs to cut turbulence in the wheel axle area.

TiCR internal routing keeps brake hoses and electronic gear wires out of the wind, while ultralight headset bearings further reduce mass. The aerodynamically sculpted seatpost completes the module and features a super-light titanium saddle rail cradle.



  • The Dogma F blends years of Grand Tour winning experience, refined design, the highest-quality materials and unquestionable style
  • The Dogma F perfectly balances handling, responsiveness, comfort and aerodynamics, all while dropping weight
  • Truly versatile, the Dogma F can climb, descend and sprint with equal flair, making it the ideal choice for any rider or parcours
  • Comprising TorayCa T1100 1K Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology within an asymmetric design, the frameset grants an extreme stiffness to weight ratio
  • The frame weight is 9% lighter than the Dogma F12, while being 12% stiffer
  • 16% lighter, the Onda fork still stringently adheres to safety standards
  • The distinctive shape of the Onda fork delivers precise steering, stability and vibration damping
  • The fork is specifically designed for disc braking from both structural and aerodynamic standpoints
  • New Flatback frameset tube profiles and fork flaps reduce aerodynamic drag by 4.8% compared to the Dogma F12
  • TiCR internal cable routing neatly organises brake hoses and electronic gear wires to keep them out of the wind
  • Ultralight headset bearings further shave weight
  • A new seatpost profile lowers drag, while its titanium saddle rail cradle is super-light
  • The Race frameset geometry allows a powerful but comfortable riding position
  • The frameset-to-tyre clearance is roomy enough for plush 28mm wide tyres
  • UCI approved



FramePinarello TorayCa T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology. Asymmetric design
ForkPinarello Onda Fork Dogma F with ForkFlap
Frameset Tube ShapesFlatback profile
Cable RoutingTiCR (total integrated cable routing)
Headset Bearings1.5” upper and lower, ultralight construction
Bottom Bracket ConfigurationItalian threaded
SeatpostPinarello Dogma F, full carbon, aerodynamic design, Twin Force seat clamp, 3D printed titanium top seatclamp
Brake ConfigurationRad System disc brake, with 142x12mm frame thru-axle and 110 x 12mm fork thru-axle
Maximum Disc Brake Rotor Size160mm
Maximum Tyre Size700 x 28mm
Gear CompatibilityElectronic only
Claimed Manufacturers Weight865 grams, frame only, size 53, unpainted

Pinarello Dogma F Disc Frameset - Ineos Replica 2023

Rp105.000.000,00 Regular Price
Rp82.000.000,00Sale Price


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